About Us

The history of Linea Casa dates back almost 50 years in Southern Italy where most girls learnt the art of preparing items of beautiful linen for their Glory box. The Sisters of the Order of St. Vincent taught this time-honoured process to the girls in the village of Ragusa Ibla.

Young girls would start these classes at the tender age of 5, and by age 18, they enjoyed a unique array of bed and table linen milled in beautiful cotton and linen fabrics. The finishing and detailing of the fine fabrics was of paramount importance, as these linens were to become family heirlooms.

At Linea Casa we are continuing on this fine old tradition, by making our products with the same care and attention to detail and by using European fabrics of the highest quality.

Almost all our fabrics are imported from Italy although the raw materials are harvested mainly in Egypt. The combination of Egyptian cotton and the skills developed over centuries by the Italian textiles houses, results in producing household fabrics of unbeatable quality.