European Adjustable Electric Beds

European Adjustable Electric Beds

Adjustable electric beds for undisturbed sleep

If you are frequently out of bed owing to disturbed sleep or sleeplessness, then this could be an indication for you to change your bed. Considering adjustable electric beds can be a good option as they provide added support. Sleep being a vital activity, it is not advisable to compromise on the sleeping postures. Linea Casa aids you in handling this challenge with specially designed European adjustable electric beds. Our electric beds offer better comfort and wellness, as we consider bio-mechanics, bodily rest science and ergonomics while designing them.

Enhanced flexibility for superior comfort

Electric beds provide the flexibility, which your body requires while sleeping. These beds ensure that the whole body is evenly supported when you sleep in the contoured position. Some of our beds come with bed base, which is made of evaporated multi-layered wax treated beech wood. These bed bases are then ecologically processed and naturally proofed.

Made from pure latex, our beds also facilitate better perspiration and flexibility as they are constructed with special transversal and orthogonal holes. The seven differential density areas in the bed offer superior support. Our beds also come with removable lining, made from 100% jersey cotton, with zip fasteners for easy cleaning.

Adjustable electric beds ensure that every part of the body is balanced by evenly distributing the body weight. The flexible support system provides adequate care for the shoulders. With our electric beds you can get complete body support needed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

We also offer exclusive bed linen, luxurious duvet covers as well as luxury bedspreads. To know more about our adjustable electric beds, call us on 03 9386 7432. You can write your requirements to or post your queries online.

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