Marcella Bedspreads

Marcella Bedspreads

Luxury Marcella Bedspreads

Exquisite range of Marcella Bedspreads in Australia

With the increasing need to establish elegance in every single priced possession of an individual, there has been a parallel increase in the invention of a number of elements to suit the differing tastes and preferences of the communities. The latest addition of Marcella bedspreads have an elegant simple swirl pattern that blends well with any of the bedding set up. The luxury bedspreads are also extremely popular for they have the ability to please individuals with both a contemporary and traditional mindset.

Revamp your Bedroom Interiors with Luxury Bedspreads

In the last century, Marcella bedspreads were very much in demand. These antique luxury bedspreads are serving the second or third generation and can be found in antique shops and still sell quite well. At Linea Casa, we manufacture these bedspreads using Italian and Portuguese fabrics to suit Australian beds sizes. They can also be custom made to match the specifications of the customers.

Few of the Marcella bedspreads that we stock at Linea Casa includes:

  • Bedspread Marcella “Bows and Ribbons”
  • Bedspread Marcella “Brocade”
  • Bedspread Marcella “Floriana”
  • Bedspread Marcella “Leaves”
  • Bedspread Marcella “Florence/ Small Diamond”
  • Bedspread “Mosaic”
  • Bedspread “Helga”

We craft the most delicate designs of excellence

The outstanding features of the luxury bedspreads add a lavishing touch to the room, while provide utmost comfort during its usage. The lovely soft drape of the luxury bedspreads will make you fall in love with them instantly. The Egyptian cotton luxury bed sheets are known to be highly durable, which enables you to pass them on to your future generations. Since they are designed to match the differing needs with passing time, they will never fade out in style and elegance for years to come.

Showcase an all new level of sophistication with Marcella Bedspreads

Along with providing genuine quality Marcella bedspreads, we also help our customers get customised luxurious duvet covers that exhibit true class and style. The detailing of the design will make you wonder about their true existence, as they seem to be magically crafted on the fabric. Our team of skilled manufacturers have worked on a series of customization requests, which is why you will never see them denying your request irrespective of the level of complexities. They provide a personal touch in beautifying every fabric to match your expectations the best.

Shop online for an unmatchable fabric

We are also known as the reliable source for getting bed linen online, the presence of which at your place is assured to increase the number of admirers. Shop with us right away for the best of linen fabric in Australia or Call us at 0393867432 to get further help on choosing the right form of bed and table coverings for your place.

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Bedspread ''Bettina''
Marcella Bettina bedspread is in as much demand today as it was when our great great grandmo..
Bedspread Marcella ''Bows n Ribbons''
The romance of a classic Marcella bedspread. Bows & Ribbons pattern available in white, ..
Bedspread Marcella ''Brocade''
  Heavily embrossed Marcella bedspread. Manufactured in a 50/50 cotton and polyeste..
Bedspread Marcella ''Floriana''
A bed full of flowers. This gorgeous timeless pattern comes in white or beige. A look that h..
Bedspread Marcella ''Leaves''
This elegant bedspread comes in 3 colours, white, cream and grey. The grey is double sided a..
Bedspread Marcella ''Florence/Small Diamond''
This simple elegant pattern is a favourite of Interior Designers for 'masculine look' bedrooms. A..
Bedspread Marcella ''Florence Maxi''
The Maxi bedspread is a favourite of designers for the modern bedroom. Available in white, beige,..
Bedspread ''Baroque''
  This stunning  Baroque pattern has been used in fabrics and wallpaper for centuri..
Bedspread ''Mosaic''
Retro style bedspread suitable for heavy duty use as in accomodation places or teenagers rooms..
Bedspread Marcella ''New London''
Marcella bedspread styled with a delightful pattern of weaving ribbons forming a geometric diamon..
Bedspread ''Helga''
Light cream bedspread with a floral pattern on striped background. The bedspread is styled to loo..
Bedspread Marcella ''Cords n Tassells''
Classic Marcella bedspread with a modern twist. Available in white or beige in standard size..